System Features

  • Based on IP network with standard TCP/IP structure, easy maintenance, and easy future expandable.
  • Combined with healthcare intercom, video surveillance, access control, Patient’s information services all-in-one, the system is compact and easy to manage.
  • Synchronize with the hospital HIS server, patient’s information and medical advice etc. will be updated automatically.
  • Support multimedia information display, nurse call and other information services
  • Independent visiting room design, to avoid distraction or interference
  • Supports family members’ remote communication from home
  • Remote communication can be free or chargeable

Main Function

  • Patient information will be synchronized and displayed, medical advice and other information will be automatically updated.
  • The incoming call can be set to automatic answering, call ends when the visitor hangs up.
  • Master Station can set the duration of conversation with call and video monitoring, able to cut-off the call and intercepting the conversation etc.
  • Call recording, video recording and playback
  • Remote communication is possible