Fever Screening Camera

Our HD fever screening system is able to function as a door access system. Employees facial records are stored and whenever an employee checks in, they will not be granted entry if they are having a fever or not wearing a mask. These are configurable and it can also be used as a standalone device for easy contactless screening for visitors.

Key Features:
• 30,000 Face recognition records
• Temperature Accuracy : ± 0.3 ° C
• Temperature measurement and real-time warning of high temperature
• App to push an alarm for abnormal temperature
• Access control linkage and attendance functions
• Cloud management to obtain and analyse the data for future inquiry and work planning

Patient Information Board

Our patient information display comes in 10 inch or 13 inch screen sizes, which shows the basic details on the patient for the nurses’ convenience. The information can be updated in near real time, and colour-coded according to importance. It is capable of automated updating from the Hospital Information System or via manual entry from a management software. Installation is simple which only requires an Ethernet cable for both power and data.

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